7 Most Successful Kid Actors in Nigeria (Photos)

It can be simple to overlook the young performers in Nollywood films and TV series because we are frequently unfamiliar with them. We don’t pay as much attention to the young people whose names we frequently don’t know as we do to the show’s headliners, such the Mercy Johnsons and Funke Akindeles. We’ll be focusing on those young people today because there are a number of them who are succeeding and deserve to be recognized and to have their names made public. These are 7 Super Successful Child Actors in Nigeria, without further ado.

1. Adaeze Onuigbo

According to reports, Adaeze Onuigbo, a Nollywood child actress, was born on September 2, 2008. At the age of five, she began her acting career and developed into a child model. She competed in the Anambra Beautiful Kids competition in the past, where she finished as the first runner up. In 2019 she also participated in the Little Miss Damsel Nigeria pageant.

2. Angel Unigwe

According to reports, Angel Onyi Unigwe, a Nollywood child actress from Imo, was born on June 27, 2009. In addition to being an actress and TV personality, her older sister Princess Chizzi and brother Buchi are both actors. Angel’s career took off in 2015 after she was hired for the TV show Alison’s Stand. Since then, she has been in numerous films including as A Mother’s Love, Gentle Lies, and Three Thieves. She has also shared the screen with Nollywood luminaries like Ken Erics, Oge Okoye, Jim Iyke, and others.

3. Jasmine Rajinder

The young and gifted Jasmine Rajinder is the next young actress on our list. Jasmine is a young actress on the rise who has been in a number of films, such as The Illiterate Girl Rebecca and Spirit of a Stupid Woman. She works as a brand ambassador and a kid model for several companies. Jasmine is still very young, yet she has already made a reputation for herself in the film world.

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