“Alex is in our community, we know his ex” – Lagos-based Gay man spills alleged details about Alex Ekubo (AUDIO) 

A Lagos-based gay man has claimed that Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo, is a member of their community in Lagos State.

Recall that, allegations about the actor’s sexuality came up after his ex-fiancee, Fancy Acholonu revealed that the movie star didn’t sleep with her for 5 years.

She also claimed that after they finally got intimate, the actor’s performance was very poor.

In a recent development, an audio from a gay man in Lagos speaking on Alexx Ekubo’s membership in the gay community has gone viral.

The man said:

“Even my community here is Lagos have a problem with Alexx, I mean dude we know about you, you’re in our community, we know who you dated, we know your ex, we have seen you in our get-togethers.

“Why are you doing this, if you agree with this girl, which once again I still disagree with if you are not straight marrying a straight girl but if you decided that is what you want to do, you two decided that’s what you want to do, won’t you do this stuff quietly?”

Listen to the audio below:

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