BBNaija Chizzy Asked Bella What She Will Do If She Find Out That Sheggz Is Engaged When She Leaves The Show – Bella Response

Sheggz is the most honest person Bella has ever known, according to recent revelations. All of these were disclosed by Bella while she was speaking with Chizzy and Rachel. Chizzy posed the question, “What if she finds Sheggz engaged when she leaves BBNaija?” Bella responded. Bella’s response was that Sheggz couldn’t do it, according to her.

Bella then continued to discuss her partner Sheggz. She described how rarely she pays attention to males. Bella was consequently perplexed as to how she developed such a strong love for Sheggz. Then Chizzy told Bella that Sheggz is nothing to fall in love with. He questioned Bella as to why he paid Sheggz so close attention. After Chizzy questioned what would happen if Sheggz was engaged when she left BBNaija, Bella also provided a response.

Bella also stated that engagements can be broken and if Sheggz gets engaged, such could be scattered. She further said such cannot happen. Rachel and Chizzy kept on giving instances of how such can happen to Bella.

Bella partly said, “My response after Chizzy asked what if she finds Sheggz engaged when I leave BBNaija is that he can’t do such. I mean what’s there not to love about him. It was just so easy between myself and Sheggz. It’s not possible for Sheggz to do that. If he is engaged, engagement use to get broken.”

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