BBNaijaS7: Gbas gbos – Phyna exposes Chichi over what Chichi told Groovy about her (Video)

Phyna, a ‘level up’ housemate on Big Brother Naija Season 7, got into a fight with Chichi yesterday about something she said to Groovy.

Chichi may have lied to Groovy by portraying Phyna as a dr#nk when speaking with Chomzy, Sheggz, and other people, it appears.

She was sitting as they were speaking, according to Phyna, who challenged her about it.

She insisted that Phyna was lying on the ground and said as much.

Sheggz, Eloswag, and Chomzy were also involved in the conversation and they all agreed that Phyna wasn’t on the ground and was in excellent health.

The video is shown below;

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