#BBTitans: “I’m going to fcck you up” — Olivia and Sandra fight dirty (Video)

BBTitans show witnessed its first fight in Biggie’s house between Sandra and Olivia who lambasted one another with unprinted words.

It started when Biggie paired the housemates and instilled fear in the house; one that revolves around a joint consequence between paired parties.

Juicy Jay was merged with Olivia, while Sandra partnered Theo; but for some reason, it made Sandra worried.

While she tried to wrap her head around the new system, Olivia’s persistent laughter triggered an outrage.

An argument ensued after efforts to make Olivia comport herself which skyrocketed into a full-blown fight where the duo almost exchanged blows.

Olivia threatened to mess up her colleague while raging at the top of her voice even though both were separated from throwing hands.

After the fight, Miracle advised Sandra not to get into a such heated exchange while reminding her that whatever she does will also affect her partner, Theo.

In his words; “Sandra don’t fight and if you want to fight go ahead but remember that what you are doing now is very selfish because it is not only your gain”.

“Theo is your partner, whatever you do reflects on him. Don’t fuck up his dreams because of just one moment. It’s not fair .”

Watch the video below …

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