#BBTitans: Marvin and Blaqboi confront Blue Aiva over her lies

It seems Big Brother Titans housemate Blue Aiva has been caught in her own net of lies as Blaqboi and Marvin confront her.

Blue Aiva has been playing with three men in the house; Yemi, Marvin, and Blaqboi. However, it seems her tricky ways have been exposed as the two men confront her over her lies.

After the eviction show yesterday, Marvin and Blaqboi had a conversation about Blue Aiva where they discovered that Blue has been telling both men the same things.

Marvin and Blaqboi decided to confront Blue Aiva for playing them. Read what ensured between the two men and Blue.

Marvin: “You told me you like me right?”.
Blue : “yes”.
Blaqboi : “you like me too”.
Blue : “yes”.
Blaq: “But u told me never said that”.
Blue: “I never said that, what I said was after Yemi, Marvin was the second I connected to”.
Blaq : “so u like 3 people”.
Blue: “yes,u all have different personalities”.

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