#BBTitans: “Why is your D**k Hard” – Viewers react as Khosi touches Yemi’s male member after noticing it was “strong” (video)

Since they have been spending a lot of time together since the start of the program, the friendship between Khosi from South Africa and Yemi from Nigeria, two Big Brother Naija Titans housemates, appears to be growing.

It should be remembered that the two housemates who were announced as competitors for the $100,000 USD grand prize on Sunday night enjoyed their first kiss at the end of Monday night, just 48 hours after the show’s debut.

Since then, they have had additional passionate moments together and have also locked lips once again.

Khosi was caught on camera stroking Yemi’s male member in another episode that has fans of the show discussing on social media.

Khosi, a 25-year-old journalist, saw that Yemi had a hard on when the two of them were conversing in the bedroom. She didn’t think twice to attract his attention to it or to touch it.

The incident has sparked massive reactions online as netizens opine that the pair might get sexually intimate sooner than expected.

@codelow77 wrote, “These ones go soon fuck lol”

@kimmyrussles wrote, “It’s about to go down”

@cas_tripled wrote, “Khosi imagining it in her already ”

@spondebob2 wrote, “This girl na sare wa gba babe o”

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