#BBTitans:I Have More Than 7 Men Outside The House & I Do Knack All Of them Same Days, But I Only Take 2 Seriously – JayPee (Video)

The much-anticipated reality TV program BBTitans has finally premiered, and many viewers are looking forward to the ensuing drama. The hosts, Ebuka and Lawrence, welcomed 20 male and female housemates on January 15, 2023, and they all got to know one another that evening. A female roommate named JayPee, who claimed to be a nurse, said during introductions that she has seven men outside the Big Brother house and can do whatever she wants with them. The fact that she only regards two of these men seriously was also emphasized.

She isn’t single and isn’t in a committed relationship, said JayPee. Her upbringing with a single mother and six siblings altered the way she viewed males in general. She does not regard them seriously because of this.

“I grew up with a single mom and 6 boys, which impacted my perspective on males,” she claimed. Back then, I did act like a tomboy, but I’ve matured past that.

“I am not single and i am not in a relationship. However, I am seeing 7 men outside this house and i do as I please with them. I only take two of them seriously because they are my favourite”.

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