#BBTitans:I’m Not Going To Grab Your P*nt, But I’m Going To Take It Off Soon In The House—Yemi To Khosi (Video)

In a talk with Khosi in the washing room, one of the Big Brother Titans housemates, Yemi Cregx, said he wouldn’t grab her trousers but might try to take them off. He said it after Khosi tried to hide her pants so he could see them.

Yemi, who sounded quite funny to Khosi, said, “Take it off” repeatedly as he squeezed out the water from his Boxers. According to him, “I’m not going to grab your pants, and I’m not trying to gab your pants.” Maybe I’ll have to take it off in the future. And I’ll not grab it after that. I’ll take them off.”

However, Khosi asked him why he wasn’t going to touch it and told him that she wasn’t going to allow him to touch it. According to her, “Why?” Maybe in the future. Same thing; you’re not touching it.

After saying that, Yemi went ahead and spread his boxers and waited for her to finish washing her clothes.


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