Beautiful Actress Dorcas Fapson Mistakenly uploads her n#de video on Snapchat Status while attempting to send it to Skiibii (Video)

Nigerian actress and music jockey Dorcas Fapson finds herself in the center of a bedroom video scandal. Following the unintentional release of her own personal video,

On her Snapchat status, Dorcas Fapson unintentionally posted a bedroom clip intended for the well-known musician Skiibii.

Skiibi’s speech, in which he discussed “highness” and “ballon,” was captured on camera.

Fapson was also seen seated close to a person who gripped her leg during a waxing procedure and was dressed in a black sweatshirt.

But when asked if she used drugs because of the white substance covering her body, she gave an answer.

Dorcas disclosed that she had had a wax and had intended to send Skiibii a streak, but had instead uploaded it unintentionally on her status.

She wrote;

“Guys pls I was getting a wax I sent a streak to him that I accidentally posted to my story. I need the ground to swallow me up rn. Byeee”

Recently the Nigerian actress and disc jockey, Dorcas Shola Fapson has been dragged online over an unpaid debt for the AMVCA 8th edition.

The media personality had ordered a dress for the AMVCA 8th edition at the last hour and had paid half of the money.

Unfortunately, Dorcas wasn’t impressed with the dress, though she wore it to the AMVCA and took several pictures with it.

The actress refused to stick to the end of her bargain as she blocked all forms of contact with the designer when he requested his balance.

Infuriated by her action, he took to his Instagram page to drag the disc jockey.

He claimed that Dorcas Fapson didn’t pay for fabrics nor for services and yet didn’t want to pay for the materials.

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