Being a virgin at 25 is not a flex – Model Maliya Michael (Video)

Nigerian model, Maliya Michael who appeared on the “Surviving Lagos Podcast” hosted by actress Susan Pwajok alongside digital creator, Eronini Osinachi, has shared her thoughts about being a virgin at 25.

Speaking during the podcast, the model admitted that most people were taught that remaining a virgin will give them a shot at marriage and also make people see them as a “better person”.

Virginity at 25 is not a flex, it is embarrassing – Model Maliya Michael

She however stated that a lady maintaining their virginity is a flex when they are still young and not when they are an adult.

Also pointing out that the same rules are not laid out for men, Maliya stated that there is an age one will get to, and their virginity becomes their personal issue and an embarrassing topic. She also claimed that most people making virginity an issue have not achieved anything in their careers and education.

Watch the videos below…

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