Billionaire wife, Actress Regina Daniels filled with joy ahead of her 22nd birthday

Regina Daniels, a Nollywood actress, is ecstatic as she approaches October, her birth month.

On the day when Nigeria celebrated her independence, the mother of two posted beautiful pictures of herself.

Actress Regina Daniels expressed her joy at turning 22 in the coming days while praying for Nigeria.

She wrote, “It’s Libra season guysss !!! 💃

Happy new month and a blessed independent to our beloved Nigeria, I am especially excited to welcome you to my birth month.

“and I pray for God’s continuous love, peace , unity , progress, blessings and guidance upon us and our leaders. God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬, She will be great again.”

Nollywood actress and stunning mother of two by the name of Regina Daniels recently kept her fans enthralled with a precious video of her 2-year-old son, Prince Munir, appealing for forgiveness after breaking his toy. Regina Daniels, who has a sizable following on Instagram, posted this video on her verified account.

In the viral video, Munir, Regina’s kid, is shown pleading for his mother’s pardon as knelt down as punishment for ruining his new toy. There have been a variety of reactions to this film from viewers. However, social media has developed into a venue for celebrities to post images and videos of themselves or their loved ones, and Regina’s decision to post a video of herself cuddling up to her adorable son has sparked a flurry of responses.

The delighted mother included a caption with the video when it was released, reading, “Simply put, this Munir is a big case. He enjoys using tennis rackets, so I purchased him a small one yesterday on my way home from work. I just got it back today, and it’s broken. Even now, I’m unsure of how to handle him.”

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