“Bobrisky’s skin is perfect” Instagram critic makes U-turn after meeting mummy of Lagos for the first time (video)

Tosin Silverdam, a well-known Instagram and Tik Tok gossip writer and cum critic, has praised Bobrisky on social media for having “beautiful skin” tone.

Tosin claims that in contrast to the “edited” images posted online, the controversial bleaching expert who used to be his subject of conversation and “ridicule” (as some may call it) had decent skin.

Tosin Silverdam is well known for criticizing Bobrisky and insulting him on his page by posting unfavorable images of the renowned “Mummy of Lagos.”

At a recent event in Lagos, Tosin and Bobrisky got to know one another. Tosin was seen cuddling up to Bobrisky and complimenting his skin.

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