“Celebrities are divided over their choice of candidates. We must not let politics divide us”- Ibrahim Chatta advice

Actor Ibrahim Chatta has used social media to address his peers and Nigerians in general about the country’s current political situation. He stated his worry about the conflict among celebrities brought on by their selection of political candidates.

He stated:


These past weeks have been so challenging in the history of our dear country NIGERIA. We have been divided along party, ethnicity and religious lines etc.

Wait! Have you thought about these being what the political class wants?
Filmmakers in NOLLYWOOD divided, Musicians in our MUSIC INDUSTRY divided, North and South divided, our RELIGION divided. Truly we might have different opinions about things and different perspectives to life, but we must not allow these to DIVIDE us. I am a NIGERIAN, I don’t have anywhere to run to, even if I try, what about my FAMILY and FRIENDS?
Let’s support the candidates and political parties we believe in without fighting ourselves, let’s vote our conscience and PRAY for our COUNTRY.
I love my Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba brothers and sisters. Most importantly I love NIGERIA my COUNTRY because it is a noble thing to do, and it is part of my religious duty and belief.
May God heal the bleeding Nigeria, God bless NIGERIA and NIGERIANS

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