Comedian, No Mistake cried out after yahoo boy emptied his bank account (Video)

How yahoo boys go dey scam their fellow Nigerians? – Comedian, No Mistake laments after fraudsters emptied his bank account

No Mistake, an Instagram comic, has admitted that he was a victim of online scammers who stole his personal phone.

He said that despite rarely using his phone to make or receive calls, it was stolen and he was unaware that it was missing.

However, the creator of the skit claimed that because his old SIM card is still inside, he uses the phone to receive credit alerts from his bank.

When he checked his account balance and found that there was no money left, No Mistake claimed he simply realized the phone was missing.

He said that fraudsters known as Yahoo guys had drained his account and expressed shock that they also target Nigerians.

The furious content creator then proceeded to lay curses on the culprits whom he described small ‘oloriburuku’ yahoo boys.

Watch video below:

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