Comediennes Twinzlove Finally Break Silent Following there Pregnancy rumors for one person(Video)

One of them is allegedly pregnant, which is why only one has been posting videos recently, according to a TikTok user going by the handle @1111skylove.

The statement reads:

“Who have noticed that is only one of the twins that is doing video nowadays because it seems like the other one is pregnant.”

Replying to the comment, the girls showed off their bellies in a video as they debunked the erroneous claim.

Watch The Video Below:

Social Media Users shared their Own thoughts while advising them to ignore such comments.
@mercy235 wrote: “Twinzlove don’t mind them, they are saying rubbish about you to remind you that you are still existing, is only dead people they don’t talk about.”

comfort wrote: “they clearly said their wedding is on the way tho and if they’re preggy. congrats they’re not kids.”

Tiwalademhee wrote: “Monitoring spirit wey no monitor their life plenty”

s_queen4eva:wrote: “Wahala”

Twinzlove Apologize To There Father as they settle beef
Gossipinfo Recalled That Oladimeji Moyin and Doyin, nicknamed Twinz Love, well-known Instagram twin content makers, have at last expressed regret to their father and the whole world.

After responding to Twinzlove’s mother’s charges, Pastor Sunday Oladimeji, the father of the well-known twin comedian Twinzlove, faced various criticisms from his kids.

Oladimeji Moyin and Doyin apologised to their father and the public on social media after facing numerous criticisms from the general public.

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