“Copy copy; person wey pass you pass you” – Bobrisky drags Papaya Ex over housewarming party, alleges she’s claiming someone’s house

Controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky has called out popular socialite, Papaya Ex alias Abike Arab Money over housewarming party.

It would be recalled that the two media stars had both acquired houses this year – Bobrisky acquired his in June, whilst Abike acquired hers in October.

However, as Papaya Ex began delivering her housewarming invitations yesterday, Bobrisky began dragging her.

According to Bobrisky, Papaya is a low-key hater who had planned to ruin his own housewarming party by setting her mother’s housewarming party on the same day, but it had backfired.

He alleged that the house that Papaya Ex claims to be hers actually belongs to someone else.

The human barbie doll vowed that so long as he’s alive, he would ensure he ruins Papaya’s housewarming party like she tried to do his.

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