Cubana Chief Priest vows to make teenager millionaire for standing in front of Peter Obi’s Convoy

Alami, on Saturday, February 11th, 2023 during the Lagos campaign rally of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, (LP), stood in front of Obi’s moving convoy.

The young boy who in a statement declared his reason for standing in front of Peter Obi made a name for himself as his picture became a viral sensation.

The teenager’s courage moved Cubana Chief Priest to make a vow of making him a millionaire as he declares a search for him.

In an Instagram story, he wrote, “Me too I go like send am better thing. His life gotta change. Find him he must be made a millionaire. #LagosObidatti2023. History will never forget. I & my guys’ dey find the boy dude na national treasury.”

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