Davido Ride In his brother Newly Acquired Bentley

Davido, a well-known artist from Nigeria, posted pictures of his brother’s new automobile on Instagram. You may recall that a few days ago, it was said that ChairmanHKN, Davido’s older brother, had spent roughly 90 million naira on a brand-new Bentley.

The musician met with his brother and filmed himself in the vehicle as he was being driven. They were joined by their relative Tunegee and another individual. The fact that Davido and his brother were dressed in white shirts with black graphics is one of the video’s most lovely aspects. Even if they are not the same, they somehow resemble one another.

You may also remember that Davido just spent several million naira on a brand-new Bentley automobile. His own car costs more than his brother’s brand-new vehicle. One of the many businesses Davido’s brother is involved in is music. Although he doesn’t sing, he runs a record company. Once more, congratulations to him.

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