“Don’t dress as you like. If a man rapes you because of your dressing, it’s your fault” – TV host, Abigail Gogo tells women

Nigerian media personality, Abigail Gogo, has shared her thoughts on the controversial topic of indecent dressing and rape.

In a chat with other women on Wazobia Max TV while speaking on the discourse, “how person dey take dress, e concern anybody?”, Abigail said women are to be blamed if they get raped because of their outfit.

While the other women asserted that a person’s choice of dressing is not anyone’s business, Abigail maintained that the narrative is false because one’s dressing affects other people. According to her, the Holy Bible also backs her stance because it says a lady’s dressing can cause a man to stumble.

She added that women should not dress as they like because if they get molested or raped in the process, it would be their fault.

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