“Don’t judge me” – Lady hooks up with married man 6 months after her husband ditched her for side chick

A TikTok user with the handle, @simplisauce has narrated how her ex-husband cheated on her and ended up pushing her into the arms of another married man.

Simplisauce stated that her ex-husband made her file for a divorce after he repeatedly cheated on her with a younger and prettier woman.

In her words:

“2 years into my beautiful marriage, my husband constantly cheated on me with a younger and prettier woman. I felt disrespected, neglected and humiliated so I filed for a divorce and left the marriage with her only child.

“I became the single mum I never imagined to. By God’s grace, he takes care of our child’s financial responsibilities. But what about me? I needed to be taken care of financially. 6 months after divorce I started going out, building my love life back. I met a fine sweet man who loves and take care of all my financial problems comma but he is married.

“I felt pretty bad about his wife, knowing fully well her husband is going out with me. don’t judge me a, I am just trying to survive as far as I did not ask the man to throw his wife out of the house.”

Watch video below:

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