Drunk slay queen performs for free while being molested by men in a club (Watch video)

In a video we came across, a slay queen is seen ferociously shaking her assets on a man during a house party.

The slay queen attempted to pull her joystick with a sizzling ass shake while appearing to give the guy her entire existence.

In this video that has leaked online, a slay queen is shown acting out at a house party after being marinated with booze.

Nollywood Actor Frederick Leonard has spoken forth about his thoughts.

Thespian is pondering whether any students who are at home because of the ASUU strike will proudly vote for the same administration that looks unconcerned with their problems on her verified Instagram page.

“Will any of these students currently on ASUU strike…. totally ignored by the government still vote for the current political party in the coming elections?

I’m Just Asking Respectfully.. Or will They Forget? Will They Be Brainwashed? Will They Be Bought Because of the Hunger Deliberately Created in The Land? Or will They Be Brave Enough to Try Something new and Different, FOR A NEW and DIFFERENT RESULT. I’m just Asking,” he wrote.

His questions threw some of his followers into arguments, while some were of the opinion that Bola Tinubu’s regime would be better than that of the present administration, others are insisting on giving Peter Obi a chance to make a change.

Check out the video here.

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