Fans React Over DJ Cuppy And Her Boyfriend As They Spend Beautiful Time Together After Training.

Ryan Taylor, a professional boxer, posted images of Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, better known as DJ Cuppy, on his verified Instagram page.

Ryan Taylor posted these gorgeous pictures of him and Cuppy enjoying some romance. Ryan and DJ Cuppy can be seen kissing passionately in the pictures. The screenshot proof is shown below.

Cuppy and Ryan Taylor became engaged two months ago. Cuppy and Taylor got into a stage fight at the Gumball Awards in Abu Dhabi.

The couple has been spotted spending time together since since they got engaged. Cuppy also disclosed that she had only known Ryan for 25 days prior to their engagement and had known he was the one from their first kiss.

The praise for them from fans was overwhelming. They complimented the couple in a lovely way and commented on how cute they were together.

See The Picture Below;

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