“Fear Woman oh” Newly Married Man break Down in Tear As He Caught wife in hotel room with his best friend (Video)

The moment a newlywed Nigerian guy discovered his wife having an extramarital affair with his friend, he openly broke down into tears.

After capturing his wife and buddy in a hotel, he nearly broke down in tears in a video that is now going viral online.

The distressed man admitted that after observing some cunning behaviour, he had been suspecting the two of them.

He was devastated to learn that the couple had only recently tied the wedding, as it was believed.

The husband said that he had earlier advised his friend Dennis to avoid his wife after noticing that they were becoming intimate.

But until he caught them in the act in a hotel room, he was unaware that the condition persisted.

He was seen reprimanding his friend and forcing him to open his room in the video. He asked his wife why she had chosen to be unfaithful after discovering her hiding in the bathroom.

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