“Fine + Finer = Finest”: Cute Video of Wizkid’s Son, Zion Kissing His Mum Stirs Emotions, Video Trends

Zion, Wizkid’s third child, and his mother, Jada Pollock, can be seen in a video sharing an unusual time together that has sparked online discussion.

With his dad’s music manager, Zion shared some adorable mother-and-son moments in the popular charming video.

In the meantime, someone questioned why Jada shared such a clip. The toddler and famous mother appeared to be having an unheard chat.

Jada also appeared to be posing for a quick Instagram skit in the video, which was completed with a tender kiss from her kid.

Watch Wizkid’s first son Zion and his mum Jada Pollock share a cute mother-and-son moment:

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