“Glory Be To God, Portable Don Finally Married Motunde”: Video of Portable as Mr Macaroni’s inlaw Surprised Fans In New Video

In one of Mr. Macaroni’s sketches, the well-known Nigerian singer Portable has recently been cast as one of the newest possible lawmakers.

The actor and comedian is well-known for his performances in which his daughter Motunde presents him with a variety of intriguing individuals as a potential husband.

In the most recent episode of the show, Motunde introduced Mr. Macaroni and Mommy Wa to the Zazu Zeh crooner as her potential love interest.

As he ‘auditioned’ to Mr. Macaroni and Mommy Wa to be Motunde’s spouse, Portable, who is already quite a contentious character, had a lot to say.

In the video, Portable attempted to impress Motunde’s parents by introducing himself as a knowledgeable man and a motivational speaker.

See the funny video below:

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