“He asked me to be his 2nd wife after dumping me to marry my mom” — Lady shares bizarre love story

A woman shared a strange love story on social media, saying that her ex-boyfriend left her so he could wed her mother.

The woman claimed that initially she had to wait three years for her boyfriend to come back to Nigeria from abroad before he could propose marriage to her and they could begin their enduring relationship.

A twist, though, occurred when the aforementioned boyfriend returned to the homeland and fell in love with the woman’s mother instead. She admitted that they were married behind her back after her mother accepted his marriage proposal.

She shared how they both left Nigeria afterwards and 8 months later, her mum was already 3 months pregnant. The boyfriend then returned two years later and asked the lady whether she is interested in becoming his second wife.

Part of her message reads,

“I waited for my boyfriend for 3yrs to return to Nigeria and propose to me. He finally came back and took interest in my mum instead. My mum said yes to him and they got married without my consent… 2yrs later he returned back to Nigeria and asked if I could be his 2nd wife…”

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