“Her moves are classy and cool” – Nigerian girl with swags thrills people as she dances to Kizz Daniel’s Buga song (Video)

There were no errors at all in her dance performance, as if she had practiced her steps in advance.

The young woman was dubbed a “born star” since she had great talent and was outgoing while dancing to Kizz Daniel’s “Buga.”

Adubea conveys her knowledge of her game and mastery of it through her leg movements and hand gestures.

Many people have been enthralled by a little Nigerian girl’s swagger and incredible dance abilities to the blockbuster song, Buga, by well-known superstar Kizz Daniel.

Bedecked in a flowing flower gown, the girl, said to be 8 years old, was spotted dancing in a video.

The girl danced in the midst of a large crowd who were obviously wowed by her dance steps.

Watch the video below:

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