How I Came Up With ‘Girlfriend’ Dance – Ruger

Ruger, a singer from Nigeria, is one of my current favorite singers in the country not only for his songs but also for his demeanor and overall brand. The two biggest hits for Ruger during the past year have been “Girlfriend” and “Asiwaju.”

Ruger discussed the popularity of “Asiwaju” and the origins of the dance move for “Girlfriend” in a recent interview with Wazobia FM. Here are Ruger’s exact words.

RUGER: Okay, I am a very great critic of my music. I do not rate myself or my music especially when I’m in the studio doing the work. I don’t like when anybody is with me in studio when I work. Because I don’t want people to hail me because you know, most of the time, some people will be in the studio shouting “HEY! MAD!” even when you do nonsense because they just want to receive favors from you. Me, I don’t carry people into studio like that. Be in the parlor, I’ll be in the studio. Don’t follow me into studio. Anybody that follows me into studio is someone that wants to create with me. So like, me, I don’t really know but I believed in the song. That song was a dying minute song because we were supposed to release just “Red Flag”. Shoutout to D’Prince, D’Prince just said this song is going with it. So because D’Prince knows how indecisive I get about my music, me anytime when I work, I just send it to him. So it’s him that always put it together. That song I started making that song since May because me I don’t rush work. When Kuku started the beat, no vibe first came. When I was around Europe, beat was still inside my head, so that was when vibe came. Then August, me and Kuk jammed in Naija again, we vibed on top of it, it didn’t go well again. Okay. I said “no wahala”. September when we then reached London, it was that time we then finished the song and we thank God for it.

RUGER: E no fit pure [laughs]. No way wey e wan pure. Me I just started to dance that dance. One day, I was just singing the song and started holding the wall. Then I started doing the dance, and it was blending. So I left the wall and kept doing the dance. My guy come say “ah, omo this dance make sense o!” I now said okay, it’s what I’m going to use to push the song. I’m a creative person, I like to stay on my own and think of my next ideas. I don’t feel guilty dancing it. Na wetin I wan do I do with my chest. I no dey feel guilty.

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