How my Big Bre#st Make Popular and Why s3x before Marriage is NOT Is A Good Idea – Ronke Oshodi Reveal

Nollywood actress Ronke Oshodi Oke has admitted that without her boobs, she wouldn’t have progressed this far in the film business.

The well-endowed actress, who is happily married to Sylvester Gbolahan Anthony, confessed in this lovely interview that she used to be ashamed of her boobs but has since learned to love them.

“Before now, I get ashamed of them. But I later began to see the beautiful side and stopped hiding them because they fit me. People appreciate my boobs and I also love it.

One of the things that made me famous in the film industry was my boobs. Indeed, it is, and aside from that, it is the body part I treasure the most.
She added, “S3x is a normal part of life just like money,” in response to the rise in premarital s3x among today’s youth.

Although I am a Yoruba ambassador, I personally think that anyone above the age of 18 in a committed relationship is allowed to have s3x, even if they are not married.

Before making a lifelong commitment to one another, the couple should be aware of what is going on behind their garments. What if I don’t like how big I am for a woman? Sincere to say, it is one of the causes of many extramarital affairs. There is severe difficulty even when a man has everything in the world but cannot please me sexually.

In addition, you won’t be able to tell your family members what you are going through in the name of marriage, so I cannot enter a marriage and immediately start regretting. I can’t control how I feel about s3x; either I like it or I don’t.
She spoke about her marriage, “I met my hubby in 1999 when Ronke Oshodi Oke came out.

We started dating in 2000, however due to some issues, we were unable to continue our relationship. The majority of Nigerian men would hesitate before proposing to an actress. We dated for four years before breaking up.

In-between those four years I met another guy whom I had
my first child for. A year after I had my first issue, my then lover, who is now my husband came back and we began our affair in secret, though he proposed to me three times during the time.
I did not want to have kids for different men. But because we were best of friends, he was always there for me and we were in love, we settled our differences and came back together.
Why did you leave the father of your first child?

He wanted me to come stay in Canada with him and I can not live outside Nigeria for any reason, I can only go visiting . Moreover, living in Canada will affect my career. I could not get happiness from the union but I waited five years before going into another marriage officially.

Can we say it is one of the reasons you are reluctant to live with your husband?
Not at all. It only shows we understand ourselves very well. My husband is my friend.

How have you been coping as mother, career woman and a wife?
It has not been easy but as an African woman I have been managing well.
Besides, I have a very supportive mother and an understanding husband.
My children stay with my mum and I come around when I am free.

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