How Simi and I Actually Met – Falz Finally Reveals (Full Details)

Simi and Falz, two Nigerian artists, were working so closely together in the 2016–2017 period that it nearly felt like a package deal. Their combined effort, “Chemistry,” which they worked on together and released, did amazingly well for each of their respective careers. People have frequently questioned how the two met because of how close they are together. Some people think they’ve known each other since they were young, while others thought they were friends before they entered the industry.

Falz revealed the true origins of his relationship with Simi in a recent interview with Beats and Sounds from Rwanda. He described how they grew close and eventually began working together as follows.

During the interview, Falz was asked “You’ve collaborated with so many people: Davido, Burna Boy, Olamide, Simi, how did the collaborations shape your musical journey?” he said:

Those collabos play a huge huge part. I love love collaborations. Some of my biggest songs are collaborations and I would never deny that. It’s just simple, when you take somebody’s style and mix it with another person’s style, what you get is magic. It’s almost always magic. So I love collaborations. I would never stop doing collaborations. For the longest time, I think that was 2016, myself and Simi were working a lot together and we had the collaborative project called Chemistry. That was huge, that was everywhere. I’ve worked on several several collaborations. There is “Bahd, Baddo, Baddest” with Davido and Olamide, “Something Light” with Ycee, there’s so many collaborations I’ve worked on man. There’s quite a lot.

“You talked about working with Simi on Chemistry. Did you grow up together or did you guys meet in the industry?”

We met in the industry oh. I swear. I heard her music. I think the first song I heard was a song called “Jamb Question”. I just reached out to her because as soon as I heard that song, it inspired something and I started writing to it and I wrote a verse straight away, immediately (laughs). So I reached out to her like yo, I have a verse for this song. She was like what? Well come on then, let’s do a remix. So we did a remix to Jamb Question and then we did the video. So from there, the working relationship was just so seamless. The chemistry was smooth, it was beautiful. There was no other name to call the album except from “Chemistry”.

Wow, just from “I have a verse for your song” to developing this relationship that is akin to a brother/sister relationship. That is actually so amazing to hear. What do you think about what Falz said, and also what do you think about this story? Are you surprised? Did you think they knew themselves before even entering the industry?

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