Husband questions wife’s audacity for changing her name on his phone from ‘sweetheart’ to ‘my life’

Enraged husband who struggled to find his wife’s contact on his phone lashes out after finding out it had been changed from ‘sweetheart’ to ‘my life.’

A Facebook user identified as Pretty Cynthy shares the exchange between herself and her husband after altering the name he saved her number as on his phone.

The man who was visibly angry man lashed out at why she did so without his consent following the struggle to locate her contact.

See the chat exchange below …

“So I called my husband some mins ago. He took the call but didn’t say anything. We breathed for like 40 seconds before he asked

Him: “Who is this?
Me: It’s me
Him: Who are you?
Me: Me
Him: Why did u change your Contact on my phone to “my life? Which day that one start? I’ve been looking for a way to call you since but couldn’t find your number.
Me: *silent
Him: Am I not talking to someone? Why did you change it from the sweetheart you saved by yourself.
Me: I don promote myself.”

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