“I Accept That I am a bitter person” Bbnaija Amaka Responds To Her Haters (Video)

Amaka Mhah, an ex-housemate of the reality television series Big Brother Naija, has responded to those who have accused her of being unkind to her colleague Phyna and her new friendship with Beauty.

She used the tiktok area to correct people’ misconceptions about her, pointing out that she is not at all the bitter person they think she is.

Both within and outside of the Big Brother Naija house, Amaka has been the subject of discussion.

Keep in mind that a number of circumstances contributed to her being booted off the show, which damaged her connection with Phyna.

Bella and Chomzy attacked Amaka. Chi Chi revealed to them that she had learned from Amaka that Phyna and Groovy were constantly moving at night under the covers.

Amaka tried everything she could to convince the housemates that she didn’t say anything to Chi Chi, but she couldn’t, and her attitude on the show changed as a result.

She became less focused, and always trying to prove herself, and she eventually got evicted without giving the viewers the option of saving her.

When she left the house, Amaka brought up an old dispute with her friend, Phyna, by claiming in her media tours that Phyna stole her man Groovy from her.

She was also upset because Phyna believed what the former level one housemates accused her of saying.

Amaka’s behaviour toward Phyna at their last Saturday night party and on the winners’ presentation day made it plain that she was dissatisfied with her

Phyna has stated that she cannot hold grudges against her, but she will vibe with her anytime they meet in public.

Meanwhile, everyone was surprised when Beauty and Amaka, who were never close in the house, became best friends.

Some claim Amaka is doing all of this to get back at her former friend Phyna, while others claim she is bitter. However, she stated in a recent video that she is not a bitter person.

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