“I Bought My 1st and 2nd Car Myself With My Own Money”- Iyabo Ojo 21years old Slay Daughter Priscilla Ojo brag About Her New Car(video)

Popular Priscilla Ojo, daughter of Nigerian actress Iyabo Ojo, recently discussed her achievement as a young woman and how she feels when people claim a male is responsible.

The 21-year-old was recently questioned by media personality Stephanie Coker about rumors that she dabbles in a particular lifestyle since she is young, attractive, and successful.

Priscilla noted that even when that’s not the case, when successful women accomplish nice deeds, people tend to find a way to attribute it to a guy.

The young woman then acknowledged that, despite her best efforts to not let it impact her, it actually did.

The 21-year-old didn’t stop there; she continued to describe how she bought her first and second cars on her own.

While she acknowledged that her mother is aware and she is okay with that, she still gets upset by offhand remarks.

She Wrote: “I feel like when a successful woman is doing something good, they will always tag it to a guy, whether she is doing that or not. It gets to me to be honest, because my first car I bought it myself, my second car I bought it myself but people always find a way to tag it to a guy. My mum knows, I know, so I’m cool.

So whatever anybody feels, it doesn’t really get to me. But we can try hard to pretend it doesn’t get to us but it does get to us. At the end of the day, it’s what your life comes with so you have to just get used to it.”

Watch the video below;

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