“I coughed out the tumor miraculously” – Nigerian man narrates how God cured him of lung cancer (Video)

A Nigerian man has given gratitude to God as he reveals he was miraculously cured of cancer of the lungs.

According to him, he had gone for all kinds of tests and had blood drawn from him multiple times, all in vain.

He added that, while all this was going on, he didn’t know the cause of the sickness and suddenly started losing weight from 80kg to 69kg.

At one point, the doctors told him that he had a growth on his lungs blocking his airway. They insisted that his lungs should be cut off and the surgery was going to cost about ₦3.7 million

However, fortunately, and miraculously, he reportedly started coughing and coughed out the tumor without going through with the surgery.

He captioned the video:

“Good healed me from lung cancer. I coughed out the tumor miraculously. My left lung that was destroyed came back to life.

“The tumor was totally removed without surgery instead of surgery that will cost 3.7m I only got cough syrup. What God cannot do does not exist.”

Watch the video below:

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