“I have cried my eyes out, I want to give up” – Lady working as toilet cleaner in UK breaks down in tears (Video)

A young lady who works as a toilet cleaner in the united kingdom has broken down in tears over stress at work.

According to her, she has been working in a foreign country and there is no enjoyment like everyone in her home country thinks.

In her words:

“This is me going to the toilet at work to cry my eyes out cause the job is too stressful that I want to give up 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧.

“Everyone abroad is struggling. There is no enjoyment here like everyone thinks. God bless.”

Reacting to this, @nubianqueen137 wrote:
“Been there. If it’s too stressful, try and apply for other jobs. Your mental health is more important. Sending you love ❤️.”

@thatgyal_____k wrote:
“I quit my job 6months ago with no plan B. I pushed so hard to a point I lost so much weight , was the only black girl on that construction site, rac!sm. Rac!sm was evident, environment was so toxic, the job itself was so hard but when I saw myself in the mirror oneday looking so bad and boney, that’s Morning just to be sad and unhappy .. but I want to assure you that it gets better . I quit and something better came ma way ..”

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