“I might just give someone a big bIow…” – Dirty Fight Aroused As Korra Obidi’s sister, husband accompany dancer to drop off kids at her ex-husband, Justin’s house

The dancer recently dropped off her kids at the home of her estranged husband, Justin Dean, with the help of Korea Obidi’s sister, Nancy Umeh, and her husband, and they documented the event on social media.

You may recall that Justin Dean, Korra Obidi’s ex-husband, and they just finalized their divorce, and the dancer was granted custody of their two children, June and Athena.

The two have also managed to co-parent amicably; Korra frequently drops the kids off at their father’s house so that he may spend time with the kids as well.

The last time June and Athena went to see their dad, their mother went with her sister Nancy Umeh and her husband.
When they arrived at Justin Dean’s home, there was some little drama, which Nancy updated her fans and following on while she was live on Facebook.

The video shows Nancy’s husband asking his wife to follow him to meet their estranged in-law after they arrived at Justin’s residence.

Nancy, however, blatantly refused, insisting she would stay back in the car. According to her, if she came down to greet Justin, she might act out of character.

“If I come down I might just give someone a big blow”, she told her husband.

Korra and her sister’s husband then got off the car to hand the kids over to their father.

After they left Justin’s house and were headed back home Korra and her sister were later seen in the video, teasing and calling Nancy’s husband a ‘traitor’ for exchanging pleasantries with Justin.

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