I want a man who can make love to me 10 times daily, says Kudirat Ogunro, Nollywood actress

Kudirat Ogunro, better known as Kudi Alagbo, a Nollywood actress, has revealed that her ideal husband would be able to make love to her ten times a day.

The Nollywood producer and actress who made this claim in an exclusive interview with Sunday Sun newspaper has appeared in over 150 movies.

Asked how best she enjoys herself when she wants to relax, Ogunro said: “Honestly, I don’t want to sound nasty.

“If it’s about relaxation, I always want the maximum of it.

“I hope you get it, and if you don’t get it, forget about it (laughs).”

As a woman, she told Sunday Sun what turns her on: “Whenever he is sucking my breast!”

On the best gift her lover has ever given her, Ogunro replied: “Gift?

“Maybe, good sex….

“You get it?”

Asked if she is open to any serious relationship or are in one already, she said: “Relationship?

“Let me just say that I am happy with my present situation.

And on what she would look out for in the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with, Ogunro said: “I love respectful, God-fearing men.

“Most importantly, I love when a man is able to satisfy me on bed at least 10 times in a day!”

And then the Sunday Sun interviewer, Damilola Fatunmise, probed further: “10 times a day? Are you serious or…?”

She shot back: “Don’t worry about that sister.

“But seriously, that’s my kind of man.”

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