“I will still choose to serve you in my next life” Isreal DMW expresses gratitude to Davido over what he did for him

Isreal DMW, a performer at the 02 Arena and the logistics manager for Davido, has thanked his boss for helping him obtain a UK visa.

Isreal DMW thanked him for the thoughtful gift and stated that he will continue to chose to serve the community in his next life.

Isreal notified Davido that his US visa is the following in line of requests.

“I just got another 2 yrs UK Visa into my life. Thanks my Oga. If I come another life again, it is you I will seve. E remains America ooh. Uruese Kakabo”

recalls in March, it was a happy time for Isreal DMW as he secured his UK visa.

His boss, Davido was gearing up for his London 02 Arena Concert which was held on Sunday, March 5th, 2022, and Isreal DMW felt he couldn’t make it there.

Isreal had almost lost hope of being with his boss as there was a delay in issuing him a visa.

Luckily for him, he was issued his visa and was able to join the singer at his concert.

Davido shared a screenshot of Isreal breaking the good news to him on facetime.

Isreal was seen kneeling as he appreciated his boss.

He wrote :

“Visa don commot@isrealdmw Oya dey come”.

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