“I Wish I can Find A Man Like You” – Doyin Reveal to Sheggz

Doyin, a fellow Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ housemate, told Sheggz how she really feels about him.

Doyin stated to Sheggz that she occasionally prays that she meets a man like him because of the way he treats her friend, Bella, during their discussion of Bella.

During the Super Commando task they completed on Saturday, Sheggz and Bella had a small argument that prompted Sheggz to go to Doyin, a mutual friend of theirs, to express his feelings while also pleading with her to assist him in speaking to Bella because he believes she needs to hear it from a different perspective because she has so far refused to listen to him.

Sheggz complained to Doyin that he doesn’t like it when Bella pushes him away when she’s upset, especially since he feels wounded every time and it’s on television.

Doyin assured Sheggz that despite the fact that Bella occasionally acts strange, she genuinely cares about him as she has repeatedly told her. She then begged Sheggz not to get upset with Bella when she acts in that way and promised to talk to Bella about it so that things may change for the better.

She also told him that no couple had ever surpassed Bella and Sheggz’s record since the commencement of the reality show and that she had never seen anything even close to it. Doyin added that Sheggz’s treatment of Bella astounds her since she has never witnessed a man treat a woman with such respect. She acknowledged that she often asks God to help her meet a partner just like that.

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