“If you are not a Catholic, you are a pagan” – Twitter user tells Christians 

A Twitter user has taken to the micro-blogging platform to make a ‘damning revelation’ to Christians who are not attending Catholic church.

According to @chekwube_, anyone who is not Catholic is a pagan because the only churches the Holy Bible recognizes are Catholic and Apostolic Church.

He tweeted on Sunday, August 8,

“If you are not a Catholic, you are a pagan. Keep that in mind as you go practice your chosen form of paganism today.

The Holy Bible as written by holy men including St Peter, the first Pope on who Christ built the religion only recognises the holy Catholic and apostolic church, not ECWA, Dunamis, Redeem, Mangu version of ECWA, COCIN or whatever name y’all paganism is going by these days.”

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