“I’m Never Leaving Our Baby With My Husband Again” – Woman Cries Out After Asking Him To Babysit

A mother posted a video of her husband engaging their infant in a perilous game on her TikTok profile @thewhizzys.

The paranoid lady recorded her husband reciting and flying their infant around the room like an airplane.

“Superman, dindindin” in a singsong manner.

The scared woman interrupted the play scene and asked her husband to not drop her baby.

Reacting to this, netizens urged her to take her baby from him as he doesn’t know how it feels to birth a baby more than she does.

@lolade56 said, “Superman dindin😂😂😂😭and the baby is enjoying it😂.”

@omzydee said, “e know cry now o but if na him mama now e go cry.”

@darixco said, “Pls thats a risky play.”

@momof_riri said, “You no get oraimo cord for house?? Be like say your peepee don heal😂.”

@wemmieadesewa said, “Please go and carry your baby😂no be him enter labour room he doesn’t know how it feels😂😂.”

Watch video below:

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