I’m Sorry, I know I’m Stubborn But I love you so Much – Bella Beg Sheggz to change [Video]

Bella from BBN has recently expressed her regret to Sheggz for her unkind treatment of him. She admitted that while she is imperfect, she is aware of her stubbornness. She acknowledged that she still had a lot to learn and unlearn.

She continued, “Meeting him was a blessing, and I don’t want to see him whine or be stressed out all the time.” She claimed that the fact that she is dating a man like him for the first time makes her unique.

Bella expressed her deep love for him, remarking that their relationships are unique and that she stands out from all the other girls he has ever met.

Bella begs Sheggz for the bad things that she has done and promises to change and get better. In conclusion, she said the apology is coming from her heart.

Some hours ago, Sheggz confronted Bella for being rude to him and she tried to settle their differences as she apologizes.


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