“I’m turning 31, no job, no car, no house” – Divorced mum of 2 cries out, says baby daddy abandoned them (Video)

A 30-year-old South African lady says she is not okay being a single mother of two kids and unemployed.

According to her, she usually pretends to be okay, but deep down she feels bad about her situation.

In a video shared via TikTok, she revealed she will be turning 31 in two weeks and has no car or stable job. She only has two kids from a divorced marriage and a baby daddy who does not support his kids.

In her words:

“Pretending to be okay, meanwhile I’m turning 31 after 2 weeks, no house, no stay with you no stable job, divorced with two kids, baby daddy not supporting the kids, but I’m trusting the process.”

Watch the video below:

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