Internet fraudsters strike, swindle 18-year-old lady of $37k meant for her dream house 

Internet fraudsters have left an 18-year-old lady heartbroken after she was swindled of $37k hard-earned money meant for her dream house.

The victim, who has been described as an Australianlady had been putting the money together all her life. The money included every cent she had ever worked for.

Sadly, he entire life savings went off the roof after she fell victim to a scam

The post reads:

“An 18-year-old Australian who had been saving every single cent she worked hard for, just to be able to buy her dream house, just got scammed by internet fraudsters. Her entire life’s savings of $37k gone, to probably a 17-year-old Yahoo boy who also wants to drive Venza”

See post below;

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