“Is She your God?” – Reactions trail video of bride stopping dance with husband during wedding to kneel for Mercy Johnson (Watch)

People are talking about Mercy Johnson, a well-known Nollywood actress, when a video showed a bride stopping a dance with her husband to kneel for her.

The bride and groom were seen dancing in the video going viral as the actress and her husband, Prince Odi Okojie, arrived at the wedding location.

The bride saw the actress during the couple’s solemn dance, and her quick reaction astounded everyone

As soon as she saw Mercy Johnson, the young woman stopped dancing with her guy and knelt in the center of the dance floor to welcome her.

The video of the bride’s reaction to Mercy Johnson’s presence at her wedding quickly went viral and became a topic of conversation on social media. 

While some netizens condemned the act, others praised it and only had positive things to say. 

Watch the video below:

Some reactions generated are shown below:

Djiwoun dalaba said, “Mercy Johnson is a role model I just adore her from the deepest part of my heart”.

princess said, “Wow just love the bride,she really appreciate mercy present”.

Queen Rebe said, “so sweet I just love mercy , I wish to meet her one day”.

annekaninimbatha said, “ok why she kneeing?”

Mikkbella Women’s Online Store said, “Mercy is such a phenomenal woman.God bless her”.

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