It Is Finally Over Between Us Bella End Her Relationship With Sheggz

You might find it interesting to know that Bella stated in Big Brother Naija season 7 that she is sick of being in a relationship with Sheggz.

Sheggz has reportedly claimed that Bella hugs the males in the home while he doesn’t do that to the females. More so, they have both started arguing over the fact that Bella danced with Chichi and Deji.

Sheggz feels that Bella ignores him and doesn’t respect his viewpoints.

In response, Bella instructed Sheggz to make his own woman because the kind of woman he envisions doesn’t exist in the real world.

However, Bella ultimately stated that she was tired and that they should call it quits on their relationship. “I am unable to move or act in a free manner. I need to stop because I am done because I am weak and worn out from everything “Bella declared.

In recap, Sheggz have agreed that they should end their relationship. Sheggz said, “Even if you beg me, I can’t go back to the relationship.

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