“It’s Better To Be A Single Mother Or Baby Mama And Be Happy Alive Than Die Being Called Mrs” Actress Yetunde Bakare

Popular Yoruba actress Yetunde Bakare responded to the murder of a businessman’s wife named IVD, who is said to have set herself ablaze due to domestic abuse, in her most recent Instagram post. The actress has said that leaving an abusive marriage is preferable to being a single mother in the wake of this incident.

She pushed other women to develop their self-esteem and learn to love themselves in order to realise that they are deserving of genuine affection and respect. She said that having children while still living is preferable to being Mrs.

She counselled women not to devalue themselves to the point where they believe becoming a mother is everything. She admitted that she is saddened by the domestic abuse that is occurring among couples nowadays and that she is sick of remembering victims of domestic violence by mentioning their names every day.

The fact that some people have persisted to use domestic violence in this day and age, when people are more educated, has unfortunately resulted in deaths and divorce.

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