James Brown disses Bobrisky following embarrassing moment at an event (Video)

Self-acclaimed Princess of Africow, James Brown, disses his senior colleague, Bobrisky, following their misunderstanding at an event.

James Brown and Papaya Ex had crossed paths with Bobrisky at an event where he angrily threw a bottle in their way.

Reacting to the incident, the Princess of Africow took to his Instagram page to share a video from a different perspective while stating his reasons for doing so.

According to James Brown, the intention was to bid the old queen farewell as the dawn of the new queen begins.

“I needed to greet our Ex Queen a good fare well because I’m now the new Queen 👸 of African,” he wrote in a post.

In another post, he added, “If you know me well you should know that I’m always supporting my friends, family and fans i don’t fight or bef other.”

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