Janemena Finally Reveals Her Husband’s Reactions After She Woke Him Up To Ask For Bread & Yoghurt At Mid Night

Instagram twerker Janemena is skilled at getting her followers’ attention whenever she uploads fresh videos of herself to social media.

Once more, Jane used her official Instagram page to show her followers how her husband responded when she woke him up to ask for food.

The beautiful dancer who is widely popular for her astonishing physique and trend-setting fashion sense, captioned the video saying; “I chop chop chop, Omo, I no tire at all. I woke every member of my family around 3am just to ask for bread and yoghurt”

Jane’s husband, Andre Plies, was sleeping on the sofa when Janemena woke him up. Judging from Jane’s gesture it is obvious that she asked for food.

Andre Plies stood up and went into the kitchen to get his wife the food. After he returned they danced together.

Click on the link below to watch the video

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